Episode 74 – Return of the Lion King

This week on the podcast…

00:00:00 – This week on the show: The Paleopals featuring the Yeti! Sounds like a good band, right? A band of knuckleheads!

00:01:40 – Turns out some animals are stealing the limelight, literally. An oriental wasp is found to be solar charging it’s yellowed-butt and a slug is eating, incorporating and reproducing stolen photosynthetic genes!

00:22:01 – What are you drinking? Taking a back seat to science but never a backseat to flavor. The Paleopals have nothing too surprising save Patrick who rolls in a PaleoPOW from Craig L. that is definitely NOT spam but can definitely be seen in the new gallery Art… sort of!

00:27:36 – Trailer Trash Talk this week is the story of something you might actually find on a trailer or in a trash heap… a tire! A tire named Robert, who has some issues with humanity in the new horror/comedy Rubber. (which was actually suggested by listener Jeff Sykes!)

00:39:09 – Eusociality is a tricky thing, so we waited for Justin to come back on and explain it to us. This new controversial paper in Nature uses math, and that’s even trickier. Can’t we all just agree not to breed and get along?!

00:57:35 – One group that definitely knows a thing or two about being social is the Paleoposse and this week is no exception as the Paleopals wade through the Feedback Stack! Justin has questions from Pang about self-serving science promotion. Charlie sifts out the art from the words and updates the guys on the latests offerings to the Brachiolope Gallery from SonyaB, who brings the love, Eli, who has his eye on the sky, and Adam who knows how to put a pencil to paper. Thanks guys! Finally, Ryan has an e-mail from Catherine who’s upset about a kids book promoting Creationism by co-opting the awesomeness of dinosaurs. The guys discuss the vexing conundrum of science vs. nonsense. (see the offending image here)

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Music for this week’s show:

The Circle of Life – Elton John

Sunshine – Ray Charles

Wheel of Misfortune – Dropkick Murphys

Queen Bee – Freakwater

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4 Responses to Episode 74 – Return of the Lion King

  1. CJ 22 February 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    Thanks for the discussion of the eusocial paper. Not an hour after I heard the podcast, it came up in a discussion with some friends about Sam Harris’ new book The Moral Landscape. Apparently, he assumes that kin selection is a given in biology. Idk for sure, I haven’t gotten that far in his book yet. Anyway, I was able to slap some knowledge down that it is, in fact, not a given. Complete with reference to a Nature article. Thanks, Science… Sort of, for making me appear more intelligent than I really am.

  2. Dustin K 23 February 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    Naked Mole Rats!
    Its the Holy Trifecta of classic Science…Sort Of!

    Just wanted to say that the preview of Rubber was even weirder than you guys were able to describe. Bizarre, and probably awesome! 😉



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