Episode 151 – Beers, Bibles, and Bombs

00:00:00 – Ryan chats with some of the geographers from the Floating Sheep blog about their statistically rigorous map charting beer vs. church in the tweets of Americans. What state will win? What state will lose? How will this affect the electoral college? Tune in to find out!

00:36:21 – Big data projects like the one above require alcohol. Literally. It was one of two search parameters. The Paleopals are silmialr in this regard. Patrick has Old Dominion’s English Style Ale. Again. Nothing new there. Charlie has homemade soda water. Everyone agrees this is good and that soda water machine companies should sponsor the show. Ryan has a religiously themed beer to try and bridge the gap with a Salvation golden-style ale from Avery Brewing Company.

00:41:04 -Trailer Trash Talk lacks the ability to back in time to assasinate segments we no longer like, but if we did, we may run the risk of being forced to kill ourselves, much like the sexy protagonists of the new time-travel crime thriller Looper.

00:53:04 – There was a time when the US government had the audacity to ask, “What happens to beer if we nuke it?” Having an excess of nukes, they decided to try it. The results? Delicious. Wander the wastelands of taste as the guys discuss Operation Teapot Project 32.2a.

01:05:15 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like nuked beer; they probably aren’t worth any money, but some people still seem willing to pay. Patrick has a new recurring donation from Danielle N. who wants us to buy some beer, even though we try to save the cash for more ‘legitimate’ purposes, but who are we to argue with the fans?  Patrick also sneaks in another donation from Wade W., who’s more of a serial donator than a recurring donator. Whatever works, for you, man. Thanks, Danielle and Wade! Ryan has an alliterative and imperative iTunes review from Trailrun, who seems to think that the apocaplys is immenent. The almost-forgotten Charlie has an Emerald City originated e-mail from Mike S. who wants to offer us the exclusive use of the Museum of Flight. There’s no way this doesn’t work out well for everyone involved. Get ready for SSOcon 2013!


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Music for this week’s show provided by:

My United States of Whatever – Liam Lynch

Nancy from Now On – Father John Misty

The Boys of Summer – Don Heneley

Atomic Cocktail – Slim Gaillard


Image Credit: The Observer

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2 Responses to Episode 151 – Beers, Bibles, and Bombs

  1. Jayson A 1 October 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    Hey guys,

    Great episode. A couple of things…

    I liked the interview with the people from the Floating Sheep blog. I went and took a look at the Beer vs Church map. One thing stuck out to me. Cook County Illinois (containing Chicago) was red (ie more tweets about church than beer). This seems to buck the red state vs blue state trend. This was touched on in the comments below the blog post. People pointed out that other Northern urban areas flow Chicago’s lead. What do yo think lead to these data?

    Oh, and Time Cop is an awful time travel movie.


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