Episode 201 – Pontificating Upon Paleo Pigments

A no prize for whomever identifies the molecule!00:00:00 - For our first segment we head back to Panama so Ryan can chat with fellow paleontologist Caitlin Colleary about her Masters’ work looking into the coloration of fossils. They share a ‘cervezarita’ made with the national beer of Colombia, Aguila.

01:01:02 – Back up north, everyone is still drinking. Ben takes point to talk about his pennywort juice drink, whereas Ryan goes crazy with a Reineart Wild Ale.

01:08:04 – While it shouldn’t be a controversial topic, there are still a lot of issues facing women in science. Having established that Caitlin is both a woman and a scientist, she and Ryan chat about some of the challenges facing her gender. Ryan also reveals a second secret beer, a Bavaria Dark he brought back from Costa Rica!

01:47:46 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like gender politics, the ultimate goal is to treat everyone equally. Ryan is thankful for a new recurring donation from Denise C. Victor C. (no relation) sets up a recurring donation too as well as coming to the aid of the recently maligned Ben Tippett. Thanks Denise and Victor!


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Episode 200 – The Big Two-Hundo

That's the new brachiolope. He's so hot right now.00:00:00 – Since we spend so much time promoting everyone else’s work, we decided to be a bit selfish and spend the first segment talking about our own science.

  • Charlie has a paper coming out in Nature Climate Change about moving forward into a low-carbon, sustainable energy future. No big deal.
  • Patrick has 2 papers (show off) to talk about. The first is about how to not mess up your samples by using bleach. And the second is about paleodiet using everyone’s favorite atoms: the stable isotopes!
  • Ryan has a paper in Journal of Mammalogy of teeth of sloths, armadillos, and cats. Listen in to find out how that’s all actually connected.

00:39:55 – Since it’s a special occasion, the Paleopals decide to have a drink. Ryan’s beer embodies an aspect of each of them: Odell’s Fernet Aged Porter. Patrick goes back to the beginning with a Guinness. And Charlie, recovering from jaw surgery, revels in the palatable bitterness of a Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point.

00:47:36 – The preview doesn’t give away much, but that doesn’t mean that the guys don’t have plenty to say about the upcoming sci-fi thriller Coherence. We also announce the partial retirement of Trailer Trash Talk. You had a good run, segment, and you’ve earned a break.

00:58:29 – Now we’ve talked about our own science, we take some time to talk about the state of science in general. Topics include: women in science, problems with peer review and open access, social networks and science, and trends within science outreach.

01:31:32 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like anniversaries. They happen regularly and we always remember them. Patrick begins with an oh so generous donation from Cameron L. Thanks, Cameron! Ryan has a new batch of Supramystic Saga cards from Jonathan Horn of Blue Dot Prints! These cards are available to anyone who’s ever been a recurring donor, but to get them you have to answer the following trivia question: do you want these cards? Please send your answer to paleopals@sciencesortof.com to see if you’ve gotten it right! Finally, Charlie has a question from Matt J. about the energetics of zombie metabolisms. Charlie somehow turns this into an existential crisis. And we end the show thanking, in particular, Thomas Queen, who designed our brand new logo! We love it and hope you do too.


Thank you to everyone who showed us love on Facebook and Twitter to celebrate this milestone. We hope you’ll stick around with us and all the other Brachiolope Media Network shows for another 200 weeks of science… sort of!


Music for this week’s show:

Salute Your Solution – The Raconteurs

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Party At The End of The Universe – SonicPicnic (from the game Awesomenauts)

Forward Motion – Relient K


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Episode 199 – Swinging Over A Canal

The same backwards as it is forwards.00:00:00 - Patrick interviews someone by the name of Ryan Haupt who has been doing paleontology along the Panama Canal. How does that work? Listen and find out!

00:21:44 - The Panama Canal transports goods around the world, allowing us to purchase all manner of things, such as drinks! Abe is drinking some homebrew that he thought would be well served with the name Bill & Bob’s Boiled Basil Belgian Beer. Ben is having yet another ginger ale, this time with Godzilla on it. And Ryan is also drinking homebrew with the much simpler name of Regular & Rich.

00:36:48 – Trailer Trash Talk has a hard time staying on topic when it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Especially since our own Dr. Tippett has some science to drop whne it comes to web-slinging speeds.

00:57:25 - In the second part of  Canal Talk, Patrick and Ryan discuss what paleontology in the tropics is like, as well as some of the engineering history that went into making the canal work in the first place. For more on the history, check out this book.

01:24:58 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like canals, they’re a lot of work to make but ultimately lead us all to a better place. Ben tries mightily amidst distraction to thank Craig C. (of Canada) for his donation to the show. Thanks, Craig! Abe has an e-mail from Les I. who takes issue with the hard rock vs. soft rock rivalry in geology. And Ryan has his knowledge of the derogatory term “creeker,” in reference to episode 182, expanded in an e-mail from Allie W.


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Dig Deeper – The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker


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Special Edition 12 – Augie and the Green Knig

I was promised a green knight not a green horse!Ryan sits down with Zach Weinersmith to discuss his new kids book up now on Kickstarter called Augie and the Green Knight, which features a smart and daring female protagonist. The conversation predictably rambles to include mentions of the following:

Most importantly, support women in science, support a book trying to drive forward that agenda, and support yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back. It’s been a long week, you’ve earned it.

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Image credit: Zach Weinersmith’s Kickstarter that you should totally support unless you listened to this years later in which case just go buy the book already.


Episode 198 – Finds A Way

Faster... must go faster.00:00:00 - Like a modern day Cassandra, scientists have long predicted that insects would catch up to our GMO crops. Now, even though the biotech companies did their best to keep it hidden, corn rootworms have infested the US corn supply. Thanks for not even pretending to listen.

00:23:28 – Ryan has a riff on a Cuba Libre known as a Cubata using actual Cuban rum. Abe and Ryan manage to make sense of Abe’s My Antonia from Dogfish Head. And Charlie has a terroir-agnostic Pleiades blend red wine.

00:34:24 – The tech-nerd rapture knowns as the Singularity comes under scrutiny both as a concept and as a plotline when the guys watch the preview of Transcendence in this week’s Trailer Trash Talk!

00:54:07 – Y’know that big thing up in the sky? No, the other one. The nighttime one. Well for a long time we thought it was as necessary as the daytime sky object (aka the Sun) but mayhaps life can evolve without a stabilizing moon. Doesn’t mean we don’t still love ya, moon!

01:17:45 – PalePOWs are a lot like moons. We only go their occasionally and seldom return. Abe starts us off with a donation from Michael S. Thanks, Michael! Charlie has a nice comment from active Irishman Liam O’Grady, reminding us of our very first Special Edition episode. And Ryan fields a question from Bobbi B. about the nature of dinosaur herds and the shape of human penises, based on some stuff said during his hijacking of The Weekly Weinersmiths. Maybe listen to that part using headphones.


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Music for this week’s show:

Into the Cornfields – Colin Hay

Can’t Stop – The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Machinehead – Bush

The Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen


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