Episode 222 – Methane, not even once

DO A BARREL ROLL!!00:00:00 – Everyone out there wants to find alien life right? I mean, as pop culture has shown us over and over again, this will definitely work out well for humanity. Well one way we might find other intelligent life is if we use this new fancy James Webb telescope to look for their pollution in the atmosphere. To think all those years of polluting our own planet might finally pay off…

00:26:39 – Worried about polluting our planet to the point where we can no longer survive on it? Stop worrying and have a beer instead. Charlie has a seasonal Irish red from Boundary Bay Brewing, which leads to a rant about hops. Joe, who has had an IPA once before, but instead grabbed a “weird” Sangria Senorial, which does not have alcohol despite the name. Ryan consoles himself with an aged Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout from Widmer Bros.

00:34:00 – Did you know the moon Titan has seas made of farts? Well it does. The question then becomes, how do you get a submarine to function in liquid methane? NASA has some ideas, and the Paleopals expound with some of their own.

00:56:51 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like submarines on other planets, you’re not sure if they’ll work and you won’t know until it’s too late to do anything about it. Nicole D. definitely thinks its working out because she setup a new recurring donation to support the show. Thanks, Nicole! Another Nicole has a question from a “coworker” about whether or not you could freeze a human so fast that they shatter. Charlie does some math and the answer may surprise you! Finally, RJ from Topeka wants to know if we think robots are actually alive. Again, the answer may surprise you! Also, listen to our interview with Daniel H. Wilson and then watch The Imitation Game.


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Music for this week’s show:

The New Pollution – Beck

Tomorrow Comes A Day Too Soon – Flogging Molly

Big Black Submarine – Tommy Cox


UPDATE: Seems like the integrated player is not cooperating, you can download the episode directly here.


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Special Edition 13 – Jurassic World

What is dead may never die.Now that Jurassic World has made all the money, we decided we should chime into the situation. Joe, Ben, and Ryan sit down to chat about everyone’s 4th favorite installment in the Jurassic Park franchise! Just kidding, nothing could be much worse than III. Ryan punishes himself by drinking a bad beer that at least has an accurate representation of a dinosaur on it. And then we begin by discussing the few things we did enjoy about the flick, but this quickly dissolves into pointing out the things not liked so much. Whether you liked the movie or not, we hope you enjoy our discussion and let us know what you thought in the comments!


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Episode 221 – An Unsuitable Podcast

What is this? Some kind of joke and/or poignant commentary about the state of our science? (Answer: Both)00:00:00 – Dr. Ellen Currano joins Ryan to talk about her origins as a paleontologist and her current research into the paleobotany of Wyoming during a potent climate shift (but not the current one). They also share a beer ironically named Fanboy, which is un-ironically delicious.

00:26:46 – Ellen recently wrote an article for Paleontology Online about being both a woman and a paleontologists. This obviously involved putting on fake beards and having old-timey photos taken, but you’ll have to listen to understand the full connection. Ellen is writing blogs about women doing awesome science and ends the interview by giving some advice based on one of her favorite classic books that most folks only know from the movies: Lawrence of Arabia. Ryan also brings up what he feels to be a classic movie (directed by a woman, no less). Speaking of movies, Ellen is working on one called The Bearded Lady Project: Challenging the Face of Science, check out the trailers and get more info at the link!

00:55:47 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like women in science; there should be more of them. However, because Ryan is alone (so very alone) he only has one PaleoPOW to present. This week’s PaleoPOW comes from Joshua W., who had the decency to donate some actual money to the show, and e-mailed in a review to avoid using iTunes.


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Music for this week’s show:

Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent

Honey Won’t You Let Me You In – The Tallest Man On Earth


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Episode 220 – Spillover

According to science, this should not have happened.00:00:00 – Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, you find out that beluga whales now have cat parasites. The parasites are surviving in the cold whales thanks to climate change, and it wouldn’t necessarily be a problem expect arctic peoples tend to eat the whale meat raw, which is bad news for pregnant ladies. Moral of the story? Always cook your whale meat thoroughly before consumption!

00:18:50 – Drinks don’t often need to be cooked. If they do you’re drinking something weird. Joe is driving some V8 over ice, how fancy. Ryan doesn’t care what time it is and has a Slope Style Winter IPA from Boulder Beer Company. And Kelly has a latte, how convenient!

00:22:06 – Worried about spilling your coffee? Well if you add some frothy milk you’ll reduce your risk, because we no know that a foamy head reduces sloshing, thus reducing spilling. Thanks, science!


00:34:46 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like lattes, they’ve become very popular in recent years but you shouldn’t have too many in a day. Kelly has a followup from Joel, originally features in episode 204, updating us on the situation with Tasmanian Devil face cancer. Joe has a nice voicemail from Christian in Miami thanking. And Ryan has an update from Brad M. in Australia following up from when he called out all Brads.


00:56:35 – Extended outro this week because Joe had more things he wanted to say about sloshing!


Music for this week’s show:
Parasites – San Fermin
Coffee – Sylvan Esso
11:11 – Andrew Bird


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Episode 219 – From Russia With Love

Just imagine waking up next to that...00:00:00 – This week we start off with the sort of and work our way back to science. Dr. Gregory Benford has some ideas for how we could terraform the moon to make it more like Florida (in terms of climate, not all that other weirdness). The Russians have announced plans for a permanent moon-base so they should probably be taking notes or talking with the citizens of Whittier, AK, the town that all lives in one building together.

00:25:38 – It’s a stereotype that Russian enjoy a drink, is the stereotype the same for scientists? If not, maybe it should be, because on this show we do. Patrick has a porter from Southern Tier Brewing Company, even though he still has a problem with their name. Ryan has a Deliria, a beer made by women but drinkable by anyone. After forgetting to ask what Abe is having, we learn that it’s an unpronounceable Icelandic thing anyways. Thanks a lot, Abe.

00:33:06 – Former guest of the show Jacquelyn Gill would like us to stop calling horses in North America invasive. She presents some really solid arguments that are eventually discussed once the hosts can stop getting distracted. Things we get distracted talking about: eating horse, tiny deer from Florida, beefalo, Kristen Schaal (a noted horse) and an app to tell you about your fish. We are also very proud to announce the first ever Patrick Wheatley Inaugural Horse Poll. You can participate below and await its return with baited breath.

01:05:56 – paleoPOWs are a lot like wild horses, they look like docile one, but can still bite and kick you in the head. Patrick is excited to thank Stacey A. for her new recurring donation. Thanks, Stacey! Ryan has an e-mail from Ali in MO who is listening to the all the episodes backwards. This somehow prompts a discussion of emoticons vs. emoji, which Ryan doesn’t understand because he’s an old man. Finally, Abe has an e-mail from Luke J. whose actually done some climbing science, which is of interest to those of who climb (2/3 of the hosts at the very least).


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Music for this week’s show:

Moonage Daydream – David Bowie

Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer – Billy Currington

Flying Horses – Dispatch


Image source: englishrussia.com


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