Episode 234 – Drunk and Unstable

This probably isn't how they made the sunshine, but it looks cool.00:00:00 – Let’s get straight to it: scientists figured out a way to make booze using lasers, and they’re calling it sunshine instead of moonshine because they’re clever. Since that sounds like chemistry we brought Chad to the podcast table to explain what’s going on. LISTEN AND LEARN.

00:40:53 – Chad begins by pre-empting his own paleoPOW with an e-mail from Dave asking about a brand of “Neuro–” drinks. Are they just vaguely tasty snake oil? Pretty much, but in the US they can still get away with all sorts of silly claims thanks to this law. Also, a brief discussion of chemophobia and MSG, good thing Chad is here. Ryan is drinking Dryk Julmust bought on clearance at IKEA spiked with some very old Panamanian rum, and then gets the part of Canada that likes rum wrong. Ben bought a weird pear soda from a Japanese Dollar Store.

00:57:42 – GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! There are some new elements on the periodic table! Chad explains the process of getting new elements officially approved, then the conversation mostly devolves into debating what the new elements should be named with mixed results…

01:41:15 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like moonshine, you got to know a guy to get some and they can be bad for your health. Ben begins with a limerick about him written by Xander. Ryan finishes the show on a somewhat somber note with a donation from Shlomo in memory of his father Ezra, who recently passed away.



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Episode 233 – Clothed as a Jaybird

I still have no idea how animals manage being naked ALL THE TIME. Seriously, someone explain it.00:00:00 – Something strange is happening to the scrub jays of Santa Cruz Island. One scientist proposes that they might be splitting into two separate species on one little island, which is actually kind of a big deal. But how cut and dry is this whole speciation concept? Turns out not very. Listen as Joe learns more.

00:26:46 – You could probably map the history of beverages to something like a phylogenetic tree, but why bother when you can just enjoy the imbibing? Ryan is trying out a Hopvine Cider with honey and hops from Millstone Cellars in Maryland. It’s weird. Joe is checking out some Sioux City Sarsaparilla (which basically just tastes like root beer), while Patrick starts the new year with some Coke Zero (which basically just tastes like coke). Ryan shares a recipe for some sassafras tea (which may be carcinogenic, FYI).

00:32:31 – It’s winter. You need a coat. Have you considered wrapping yourself up in a bunch of spiderwebs? Probably not, but soon you’ll at least have the option thanks to The North Face and Spiber, who’ve teamed up to make a synthetic spider-silk coat. It looks pretty slick, but will it scale up to mass market production? Is this the best use of spider-silk? How much would you pay for the coat or a vest with airbags? These concerns and more are discussed. Plus the usual tangents like the best ways to cook and eat insects.

00:50:09 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like spider-silk; incredibly strong but difficult to produce on an industrial scale. Joe begins with a donation from Catherine Q. Thanks Catherine! Ryan is up next with an e-mail from Mike H. who found some humor in how often folks think that archeologists study dinosaurs or even aliens. The joke cuts both ways, it turns out, and Ryan also promotes one of his favorite science songs. Finally, Patrick is taken to task by Logan S. for a continued lack of statistical guests on the show. Even though we’ve had John Allen Paulos and the folks of the Floating Sheep Blog it probably is time for more, fingers crossed we can get Rev. Bayes on the line. In the meantime, Ryan recommends a book of pretty graphs, because statistics is all about the data, after all.


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Bluejays and Cardinals – The Mountain Goats

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Still Searching – The Kinks


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Episode 232 – In Space No One Can Hear Your Print

They mostly queue jobs at night.... mostly.00:00:00 – This week, Joe and Ryan chat with Mike Snyder, c0-founder and chief engineer of Made In Space, which has already begun 3D printing all sorts of things for astronauts about the International Space Station. So kind of a big deal.

00:21:50 – Even co-founders need a beverage now and again, and Mike is no exception. But since they’re productive people, all Mike has to promote is coffee, water, and tea (he likes Zelda themed blends from Adagio). Ryan takes a different tact with some Herman Marshall bourbon out of Dallas, TX. Joe brings up the rear with some Death Valley root beer.

00:33:03 – Part 2 of our interview with Mike brings even more science and engineering to the table! Be sure to check out Mike on Twitter and like Made in Space’s Facebook page!

01:01:25 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like 3D printing; we’re not totally sure why it’s a big deal, but it probably is. Ryan has a donation from Andre R., who also left a comment on episode 205 about his favorite local cryptid/upcoming brewery. Joe also has a donation from Ron E. (Ron Howard? You decide!) who thanks us for distractions during long runs and promised an iTunes review which Ryan thinks he’s reading but is wrong. It’s actually from RtwoDtoo, so thanks for that! There is much talk of Ryan’s beer consumption, if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in you can become beer friends and follow along with his Untappd profile. Also, be sure to participate on our poll as to whether or not whales are the bad guys.

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Music for this week’s show:

You Got Me Floatin’ – Jimi Hendrix

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Episode 231 – The Will To Power

It'll keep you going when things seem existentially bad!00:00:00 – We’re doing something a little different this week. Now that Charlie is an Assistant Professor he can assign things to students, and it turns out he assigned them a podcast about energy in Washington state. The topics are all across the board, everything from wind energy, solar power, LEED certification, salmon spawning, and more!

01:01:51 – Ben laments being at work while his home fridge is chock-full of strange juices. Charlie has kombucha which throws everyone for a loop and leads to a discussion of disgust (as informed by the book That’s Disgusting). Ryan has some green tea because you have to take care of yourself, and some Eau de Brau, a white whiskey distilled in DC from DC beer. Ben thinks that also sounds disgusting. You be the judge!

01:16:33 – Round two of Charlie’s students. Enjoy!

02:05:24 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like assignments, you can maybe get away with not doing them, but I wouldn’t risk it. Ryan begins with a donation from Gordon Br., who wanted some advice on podcasting and was willing to pay for it (unnecessary, but very generous and appreciated).  Charlie asked for voicemails, and we have a drunken doozy from Jason in LA. Thanks for the laughs, Jason! And finally Ben has an e-mail from superman Morgan Marshall who watched a Shia LeBouf movie (on purpose) and now wants to know about our progress making fusion power a reality (instead of just a thing Iron Man has in his chest).


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Music for this week’s show:

Energy – Apples in Stereo

Disgusting – Miranda Cosgrove

The Energy – Aceyalone


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Episode 230 – Web Hacking

Hoping to catch some web flies.00:00:00 – Even though the heat is on in most places now did you find your air conditioning over the summer oppressive? You may be right! A study published in Nature (open access) suggests that the way we cool our buildings is woefully out of date and skews the temperature in favor of men over women. Well guess what, world? Women are in the workplace now too! Plus it hasn’t been the 1970s for YEARS now. So let’s update this, OK? Thanks.

00:23:14 – It also isn’t even cool to drink in the workplace anymore. Fortunately this isn’t work, this is podcasting. Kelly gives her hangover some hair of the dog in the form of a Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon. Joe continues his love affair with the weird soda shop and this time has some Bug Barf because why not? Ryan enjoys a Mosaic IPA from the Crux Fermentation Project left over from his bachelor party.

00:30:43 – You know how sometimes wasps do horrible things to the other critters they parasitize? Ever wonder how they get their hosts to do such specific things? Well some scientists have figured out that at least in spiders they hack the built in web-weaving behavior the spider already evolved to have. So just sleep on that tonight, folks. Then when you can’t sleep read this book as suggested by Kelly: New Guinea Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers: Tales of Parasites and People

00:52:30 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like parasites, in that they’re probably inside you right now. Try not to think about it too much. Ryan begins with a donation from Matthew W. Thanks Matthew! Kelly follows up with an e-mail from Mike in Rochester, NY who wants us to be aware of all the awesome science being funded through experiment.com in association with the SciFund challenge. Joe finishes up with an image Elijah T. managed to capture from his Game Boy somehow of a wild Brachiolope roaming the forests of Pokémon Silver. Ryan takes this opportunity to mention his adolescent excitement for Pokémon GO, because he is apparently not afraid of public shame and/or ridicule. Kelly plugs the now woefully out of date BAHfest, but hey, you should be the one making plans to attend a future event, right? And that’s the end of the show. Goodbye.


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Music for this week’s show:

Cool Blue Reason – Cake

The Bachelor and the Bride – The Decemberists

Under Control – The Strokes


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